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About The Clan


Family Band Picture tighter group 2015RussellClan is a family of musicians and dancers from Central Oklahoma. Combining a rich Celtic heritage with their love for traditional acoustic music, they perform a diverse tapestry of material, including hard-hitting Irish and Scottish tunes, contemporary folk ballads, bluegrass, and Western swing. The seven children, ranging from ages seven to twenty, all add their unique talents to the show in an array of singing, dancing, and playing that audiences of all ages will enjoy.







Braden Russell, 21, plays violin, guitar, bass, percussion, and sings lead and harmony vocals. He is an avid songwriter, and pens much of the band’s original material. He also teaches fiddle and guitar in the family’s hometown of Guthrie, Oklahoma. When not playing around with music or working on the family farm, he writes novels and short stories, and blogs about the experience at







Blaine Russell, 19, plays violin, mandolin, dco 20151112-165-Edittinwhistle, bass, percussion, and sings lead and harmony vocals. He is good with tools and all things mechanical, and

enjoys working with animals and putting things together with his hands. Although he is content to be the quiet string player onstage, at home he is quite the family comedian and keeps the rest of the clan laughing, and occasionally questioning his sanity.








dco 20151112-156-EditSeth Russell, 17, plays mandolin, guitar, percussion, and bass, and sings lead and harmony vocals. A talented rhythm player, he adds much of the energy and pulse that drives the clan’s sound. He also enjoys writing songs and instrumental pieces, and experimenting with different musical textures and sounds. He loves recreational sports, and his energy and determination make him a formidable volleyball and ultimate frisbee player.







dco 20151112-274-EditSadie Russell, 15, plays violin, keyboard, percussion, bass, and sings lead and harmony vocals. Also a gifted dancer, she adds a beautiful touch of Irish tradition to the clan’s Celtic numbers. In her free time, she enjoys sewing, knitting, cooking, and spending time with her siblings.









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Adelyn Russell, 13, plays violin and cello, and also sings. She loves making things in the kitchen, dancing, taking pictures with her camera, and playing with her brothers and sisters. She also reads anything she can get her hands on.










dco 20151112-246-EditaJohn Russell is the roguishly handsome and witty eleven-year-old fiddle player you may have noticed at recent RussellClan performances. He loves to play music with the family, and has been working very hard at learning the banjo. He has also expressed an interest in being the band’s drummer, which could get very interesting. In his free time, he loves playing with Legos, running around outside, and working with his dad and brothers.







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Stephen Russell, 8, is learning to play fiddle. He is an uninhibited singer, and will belt out songs at the top of his lungs with the slightest provocation. He loves anything with wheels and a motor, and never misses a chance to ride on the tractor with his brothers.











dco 20151112-184-EditMaris and Brian Russell are the ones responsible for unleashing all the above upon the world. Maris manages, takes care of booking, feeds the band, and cracks the whip during evening practice sessions. She is a stay-at-home mom who has singlehandedly homeschooled all seven of these hooligan, and probably deserves a medal of some nature. At least we think so.


Brian is the husband, father, and backbone of the group–he strums the rhythm guitar, sings, and has written a large number of original songs, many of which are performed by the band. He loves working outside on the farm, and is also a skilled remodeler and carpenter. More than anything, he loves God, his family, and raising children who have a strong and sincere love for their Creator. He also deserves a medal. At least we think so.
~ The Kids